Clients & Consultations

Sandia consultants provided services to Business and Economic clients located in the United States and Aboard. Sandia consultants has provided services for over 20 business nationally and 4 companies internationally.

Our clients can be found in all four sectors of the economy. This includes but not limited to: Agricultural crop production, livestock production, textile manufacturing, consumer cosmetic productions, printing services, organic retail services, medical provides/doctor clinics, Tourism promotional companies, and Technology services(Cloud, Development, and Cyber Security)

United States: Map Of Clients

California, Florida Georgia, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, Washington

International: Map Of Clients

Cameroon, Nigeria, Philippines, Uganda

We are dedicated to helping create sustainable business's in all sectors of the economy. Success can only be achieved when all sectors are working together to build a stronger and more sustainable world.

Below are some examples of companies founded or partnered with "Sandia Consultants", each name has been shared with the permission of the client and company. Clicking their name will direct you to their website or social media handles.

Primary Sector - 6 Companies

These companies’ activities associated with primary economic activity include agriculture (both subsistence and commercial), mining, forestry, grazing, hunting and gathering, fishing, and quarrying

Julius farm products and services – Organic produce 

Sisbro organic farmers – Organic farming co-operative

Secondary Sector - 4 Companies

Manufacturing and Industry sector known as the secondary sector, includes all branches of activities that transform raw materials into products or goods. The secondary sector includes secondary processing of raw materials, food manufacturing, textile manufacturing and industry.

Quixitz – Magnetic hair accessories


Tertiary Sector – 10 Companies

The tertiary industry is the services sector of an economy encompassing medical providers, financial services, and retail/services. Tertiary sector can be subdivided into for-profit and nonprofit segments.

Kolterman family health – Chiropractic, Family care, and pregnancy medical care

Sandia Photography – Photography and printing services

Kamaala Enterprises – Organic Farming enterprise

Travel Mbale – Tourism advertising and promotion

Lift Lives Foundation – Educational foundation

Quaternary Sector - 1 Company

The quaternary sector is said to the intellectual aspect of the economy. It includes education, training, the development of technology, and research and development.

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