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Even before Sandia Consultants was a company, it was focused on sustainable programs and building a better world through written papers, reports, and advocacy. Some of its papers/reports were written and presented to leaders and organizations as early as 2016. Members of “Sandia Consultants” were actively writing and advocating governmental plans years prior to the “Green New Deal” supported in the United States Congress. Sandia Consultants was actively preaching the need for restructuring/reequipping the workforce, solving environmental issues, and has shown its desire to build more sustainable businesses and economies. Below are reports, papers, or presentations conducted by those of Sandia Consultants… Such documents are meant to showcase the passion, skill, and forward thinking of the company even before such government legislation and conversations were taking place.

Business Ideas / Reports

ASD Market week recap Powerpoint

Presented to New Mexico NAIOP, the ASD Market week report was a Lifestyle Trend report that was given to Executives, Business and Industry leaders, Elected officials, and Media outlets highlighting current trends, stats, and expected changes/growth within the retail industry. (Presented in 2019)

Economic Ideas / Reports

SCARP action

This report provided a guide line about how the Bosque in New Mexico could be used in a sustainable way to provide a social, economic, and cultural benefit to the community. (Written in 2017)

RRPS Trends

Written as a presentation to the Rio Rancho Board of Education. This report and presentation highlighted the extreme lack of career technical programs within the district and state. Also provided insight on what programs should be added to address the growing workforce. (Presented in 2019)

Ugandan Economy - Economic Planning

Endowed with significant natural resources, including ample fertile land, regular rainfall, and mineral deposits, it is thought that Uganda could feed all of Africa if it were commercially farmed. This report was a proposed horticultural station that would produce seedlings and saplings in the Mbale district. It would triple the average production of crops in local Ugandan communities while not only providing food security, but significantly increasing exports and income. (Written in 2019)

Social Ideas / Reports

 Special Forces

This report was written about how Military policy should be considered a tool of cultural and economic advancement. (Written in 2018)

Youth unemployment

This paper was presented to state leaders on the impacts of “Youth unemployment”. This paper outlines the “Social, Political, and economic ramifications” of such issues, while also offering a perspective on how a “Green New Deal” would benefit the New Mexico economy. (Written in 2016)