Why we were founded

Why Sandia Consultants Was Founded

“Sandia Consultants” was founded based on Ryan’s experiences as an elected official, working in the business sector, and working with international organizations promoting sustainable development. After working as an elected official and advocate for business organizations across the State of New Mexico, he quickly realized that between the flurry of registrations, taxation, networking, and administration requirements, most new owners find themselves overwhelmed.  With that, his company idea was born: “The goal was to provide business owners with someone who can help with their administration needs during the startup period. By doing this, it allows the business owner the ability to dedicate his or her time to the business, allowing it a better chance to succeed long term.”

Rather than charging for our services, we seek partnerships. By our business taking a minority shareholder position, we are able to help with the business day-to-day operations. This allows us to help with all aspects and operations, while allowing the owner to have majority control.

Business Model & Services

After a time in which the business is stable, the company moves from offering daily services, to weekly and monthly reports on Business, Economic, and Education consultancy. This means a business will have experts available to provide the support the business needs as it grows.

Keeping in mind that the business does not get paid any upfront costs, the only way the company makes money is via its shareholder position.

This means “Sandia Consultants” has a vested interest in making sure to provide the best services possible – the more stable and profitable the business is, the better off both parties are!