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Sandia Consultants

Partner Services

When you partner with Sandia Consultants we make sure to cover everything you need. This means helping to go from concept to reality. We provide a wide array of services listed below for anyone who joins us as a partnered company.

We help aspiring business owners by providing knowledge and strategies to take their idea from concept to reality. This includes: Creating a business idea, creation of a business plan, providing knowledge and strategies to create a business in the client’s prospective business field.

We offer services that help in registering a client’s business at Local, Country, State, and National levels.

We can help the client navigate the process of securing a small business loan and helping to provide ways to reduce the upfront costs of starting a business. We also work with clients in providing them opportunities to local networking events that can to help put them into contact with potential investors.

We help by registering them with various marketing sites, obtaining social media handles, and helping them to create their own website.

We help clients establish an accounting system, online wallets, provide support on opening needed banking accounts, and help to create an e-commerce system for their business.

We offer help in both psychical and digital marketing. We work to focus on bringing as much online traffic to our client site as possible.

Contracted Services

We also offer several different styles of services for those just needing a second opinion on current business trends. We can also offer custom services to help your business expand or those looking to take the next big step!

The best marketing strategy for any business today is actively participating on social media. We will work with you to create a strategy that best fits your business to maximize your reach to potential customers.

Every business needs a qualified workforce. How to attract that workforce and train that workforce is one of the biggest issues facing today’s business leaders. By knowing what the business plans to accomplish, we can help create a specialized plan to help attract the best type of employees to suit the business.

Are you a person or business looking to go or send someone back to school to get a specialized education? Don’t know where to start or what to look at? We want you to be successful and, with our team, we can help you build a college program that maximizes your credits and can help you maximize the rewards of your education! In some cases, for only a few extra classes or taking different electives, a person can gain not one, but sometimes two or even three different degrees. Why pay all that money for only one degree or program when for the same (or just slightly more) you can walk away with multiple?

Our sustainability report is an overview of what kind of impact the business leaves in terms of the Economic, Environmental, and Social activities in the community. These impacts can include both positive and negative effects left by the business. Our report will cover how to build and maintain positive impacts in these areas and repair the protentional negative impacts if anywhere identified.

As businesses grow, they often go to the internet to find the cheapest prices or best quality goods. Not many business owners think of other small business owners and often turn to large corporations because of perceived “Cost saving”. We aim to fix that by helping businesses identify and create contracts with local business owners in an effort to allow other small business to grow. This purchasing among small businesses has a greater impact in the community and the income of the local community.